Welcome to Health Assurance

Health Assurance, LLC provides a comprehensive managed care program that encompasses primary medical care and dental care services, specialty medical services via a vast referral network, psychiatric and psychosocial services, assistance with impatient referrals, and a comprehensive accreditation program that meets national standards delivered in a cost-effective manner.

This experience in providing necessary acute, chronic and preventive healthcare services allows our management team the depth of the experience to efficiently manage contract objectives while delicately balancing the interest of the employer with the benefit package of employees.




HALLC can provide healthcare programs
which includes, but not limited
to the following:

  • Initial Assessments
  • Health Screenings
  • 24 Hour Coverage
  • Sick Call and Primary Care
  • Testing for Tuberculosis
  • Drug Testing
  • Management of Pharmaceuticals
  • Disease Management & Prevention
  • Management of Speciality Needs